Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Too uninspired right now to invent a movie word-play

I am finally finished with exams and all of my university degree for that matter so I have
tremendous amounts of free time to get to blog writing but I don't really have any new movies I feel like writing that much about. I went to see "American Reunion", aka "American Pie 100" or something this weekend and two weeks ago I did manage to see Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows", but neither have inspired me to write a lengthy review, though I'll give you a brief overview.

"American Reunion" is everything you'd expect it to be. If you like the first three then I'd say knock yourself out, if you don't then you'll know to avoid it at all costs. I personally find these films sweet and reasonable easy-going entertainment, but no one is going to give them any awards. Naturally the high points of the film all involve Sean William Scott, aka Stifler. He may only star in generic, crude and poorly written films - although I must give credit to "Goon" which was funnier than I expected and incredibly heart-warming - but William Scott is inherently funny and definitely a scene stealer. He is also a classic marmite-actor: you'll either love him or hate him and I definitely love him. The film's one moment of what I would call genius, though I am easily pleased, is a "Jaws" parody at the gang's local beach and it is all thanks to the perfect physical comedy of SWS.

"Dark Shadows" entertained me for all the reasons that pretty much all Tim Burton films entertain me: The gothic scenery, Helena Bonham Carter's face, Johnny Depp's stand-out talent in any role, and in this film I was also a little bewitched by Eva Green and her magnificent hair and - I have to say it - boobs. Furthermore, I did find it genuinely funny. That said, it felt incredibly rushed, I believe due to the large amounts of plot and character they attempted to throw into the film, probably in an attempt to fit as much of the television series into the film as possible. Plot twists get thrown at you with little explanation or back-story and I credit this as the film's main flaw and probably why it received poor reviews. It doesn't flow very naturally.

Film News:
Like all film fans, I am impatiently awaiting June 1 when not only "Prometheus" will appear on our screens but also "Snow White and the Huntsman" which both have the potential - especially the former - to be some of this year's best films.

I am also pretty darn excited about the new James Bond film, Daniel Craig's third, "Skyfall", due for an October release. Though "Quantum of Solace", Craig's last stint as Bond, was a confusing mess, I still place "Casino Royal", his first Bond film, as one of my favourite Bond films ever and the new teaser trailer for "Skyfall" looks like this could be an incredibly exciting and complex installment; though hopefully not with so many plot lines that it is impossible to follow, as was the problem with QOS.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

2012's most exciting movie

Out of "Avenger's Assemble", "The Amazing Spider-Man", "The Dark Knight Rises", "Pometheus" and "Snow White and the Huntsman" you voted "The Dark Knight Rises" this year's most exciting movie. Nice choice!

I do apologise for neglecting to make "the Hobbit" an option. I'm sure that would have had a firm chance of winning if it had been, but I think Batman is also a petty strong contender.

Sunday, 6 May 2012


Do you like the title? Eh, eh? It's still a film title, aren't I clever? Anyway, this blog shall be about the films I am most looking forward to in 2012 - I also have an appropriately matching poll on my blog at the moment, but that won't be there forever, whereas this post will!

Anyway, the line-up for 2012's blockbusters is insane! It's like Hollywood tapped inside my brain, fished out all my favourite things - Superheroes? check!, specifically Spider-Man and Batman? check! Christopher Nolan? check! The Lord of the Rings? sort of check! Chris Hemsworth? check, check! - and threw them left right and center at different production companies and directors until the following glorious ensemble of movies was created!

1. Avengers Assemble

   It's already out, but boy haven't we been waiting long for this one? It's only May but I can already say with relative confidence that this will be in 2012's top 10, as will the following films on this list I hope.
   I went to see this for a second time in 3D on Friday and I do actually believe that in some places it is an improvement.The vortex opened by the Tesseract is pretty cool in 3D, as is much of the final battle scene on the streets of New York. I also had the pleasure of seeing adverts for not one but two more films from this list: "Snow White and the Huntsman" and "Prometheus", as well as the trailer for "Dark Shadows", which also has strong potential to be a brilliant blockbuster!

2. The Amazing Spider-Man

    I loved Sam Raimi's original Spider-Man franchise with Toby Maguire and I believe the shots and special effects showing the web-slinger swing his way through Manhattan are still some of the coolest and most thrilling scenes in ay super-hero movie. That said, I have been pulled in by the allure of Marc Webb's (appropriate name right?) revamp, starring the incredibly talented and charismatic Andrew Garfield and the beautiful and hilarious Emma Stone. I love the dark twist, though that may be very unoriginal of me, but I'm hoping that this Spider-Man will be to Raimi's what Nolan's Batman was to Burton's: dare I say it? Gritty and dark!

3. The Dark Knight Rises

   Anyone out there who didn't love "The Dark Knight" is probably not the sort of person who's going to read my thoughts on films and any super-hero fan worth their salt is by now getting rather desperate to see this latest installment in Nolan's Batman series. 
  However, the build up to this film began so long ago and expectations have been so high that it's getting to the point where people are asking if it can really ever live up to all the hype. I say, if anyone can achieve such a film, it's Christopher Nolan.
   Batman is one of my favourite super-heroes (second to Spider-Man funnily enough). He faces perhaps the best villains of any hero franchises and holds one of the best back-stories (up there with Spider-Man again). There is a rich abundance of Batman history and characters that should mean that Nolan can't have run out of steam and won't be reproducing a Batman film we've seen before. He's brought us multiple new characters and faces: Bane, who is a completely different breed of villain to characters such as Ra's Al Ghul ("Batman Begins") or the Joker or Two-Face ("The Dark Knight"). Added to this we have Hathaway's Catwoman (or Selina Kyle), who should mix things up a bit with her ambivalent alliances and other additions such as Gordon-Levitt's policeman John Blake and Cotillard's Miranda Tate, of whom little is still known. This could be the best film of the year (bar "the Hobbit" perhaps) if Nolan achieves its potential.

4. The Hobbit

   Since I was 11, "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy has remained on the top of my film list. Until I die, no matter what technological advancements the movie industry sees, even if they manage to resurrect Heath Ledger and he and Chris Hemsworth do a buddy cop movie, LOTR will always be a perfect film in my eyes.
   It has what is probably the best story ever told at its center, some of the best set pieces of any film ever and an ensemble cast that cannot be beaten, even by "Avengers Assemble".
   Now, almost 10 years after "The Return of the King" left our screens, we are being presented with an additional not one but TWO movies to savour and love. And what makes this that bit more perfect is that "the Hobbit" ended up being directed by the man who brought us the originals. Is there any way this film could be anything but awesome? I'd be amazed if Peter Jackson managed that.

5. Prometheus

   The "Alien" saga is  a classic, we all know this, and there could be an argument for it holding some of the greatest horror films and thrillers of all time.The alien itself I would class as being the best, most original and most stylistically perfect movie monster ever. There are so many levels to it: The monster itself, the eggs, the face-huggers, the different forms the alien can take, the acid blood, etc. It's so well thought through. And many argue that Ridley Scott's entry, the first film in the saga, remains the most frightening. It creates suspense and oozes horror better than any other film I've seen.
   This new installment is still a bit mysterious to us as it would appear that Earth's heroes face a different foe, but one that we all presume must hold some link to the eponymous alien creature. And I believe that is this film's greatest asset at the moment. It is perhaps the film that has gauged my curiosity more than any other this year. Even after the new trailer, with lengthier clips and more dialogue, we still have no idea really what's going on and I really, really want to know!
P.s. What a cast ay? Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba and Rafe frikkin' Spall!

6. Snow White and the Huntsman

   I guess this year everyone's noticed the oddity that is two Snow White films turning up at once. There have of course been other adaptations since the classic Disney version in 1937, like "Snow White: A Tale of Terror" in 1997 or that random TV version with Lana from "Smallville". But these few and scattered attempts have spanned over seventy years and now we have two such films coming out within a few months of each other!
   "Snow White and the Huntsman" has seemed to me destined to be the greater film (as opposed to "Mirror Mirror") from the word go. Once again, the director has chosen the dark, sinister path that has made some of this decades most popular franchises. There is a far greater focus here on battles and good versus evil, on the sadistic nature of the queen and the struggle of Snow White to become an empowered young woman than on the traditional fairy tale romance of "boy saves weak girl in need". There is a prince but from what I can tell he forms a very small part of the story. The seven dwarfs, sorry, make that eight here, also seem to play a relatively small role. In fact, one could argue that this film barely represents the traditional children's story we're all so familiar with. Then again, that's not necessarily a bad thing.
   We all enjoy a fresh new take on a well-known tale. Christopher Nolan's Batman did so well because it was an incredibly modernised interpretation of a character who has seen many portrayals in film, TV and literature. If this Snow White is to really capture our attention and stick in our memories, it has to be something new. Also, I'm very happy with the focus on the Huntsman as he is played by Thor (OK, Chris Hemsworth, but here he's clearly just being a dark-haired Thor) and carries far more appeal than Sam Claflin's (bleh) Prince. I'm also hoping that there will be less focus on this "fairer than them all" business, as I don't think that I could sit through two hours of people telling me that not only is Kristen Stewart hotter than Charlize Theron (mmhmmm....), but that she is fairer than them all!

In summary, 2012 is gonna be off the hook!!!